Project History

Here is a list of projects I have worked on, in reverse chronological order.  I've done many other small projects besides these, however these are the significant and/or interesting ones.

(Dec 2009-Present) Social Media Marketing (Client is confidential)
Description: Daily research and tracking articles and blog posts about a specific product line.  Writing Twitter tweets to introduce these articles as part of a word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

(2007-Present) Toyohashi University of Technology, Control Systems Lab, Robot arm control system
Platform: Linux
Description: I am managing the development of custom blocks in MATLAB (a mathematical modelling platform), and doing a lot of C++ coding as well.  I've been working with this group on related projects for the past couple of years.

(Sep-Oct 2009) Pikkle, Dance Unit
Platform: Mixi Mobile Application
Description: I had the opportunity to help out toward the end of this project.  I did some Flash development, implementing the audio portion and supporting any last-minute requirements changes.  I also managed the bug-fix process between the Japanese planners/testers, and some developers in Lithuania and Canada.

(Apr 2009) NHK, Paphooo
Platform: TV program web site/Flash
Description: I did the Flash interface work on this site, for NHK's TV show "Paphooo!"  I was suddenly called to help on this part-way through its development.

(2008-2009) Sanrio, Puzzle and Shinkansen games
Platform: Game web site/Flash
Description: I developed these Flash games and was involved from the planning stage.  Check out the Puzzle game (click on the balloon at bottom left) and the Shinkansen Maze (click on the cute little bullet train) at the link below.  I programmed them using ActionScript 3.

(2008) JTB Escort

(2008) Creative Village

(2007-2008) Shinqoo, XMPP chat client for NetPublisher
Platform: Windows
Description: I developed the chat client component of NetPublisher, Shinqoo's P2P enterprise communication suite. I developed it in .NET using C# for the front end and C++ for the core engine.  The website has no visuals of NetPublisher.

(2007) Cosmo Engineering, website translation to English
Platform: Corporate web site
Description: While translation is not my primary specialty, I do frequently get assignments.  This is a fair-sized job that I am particularly proud of.  I got outside help with the chemical engineering terms.

(2005-2007) ZuKool, Music recommendation engine
Platform: Music web site
Description: We developed a unique music recommendation engine that works by analysing the features inside the music itself, as opposed to the usual industry method of collaborative filtering. I developed a genetic algorithm system that tries to determine the range of a particular user's tastes.

(2004-2005) Business Design Laboratory, ifbot
Platform: Toy Robot with embedded Windows
Description: This is a companion toy robot. I developed the software for an English-education version. This version is not shown on the page below, however it looked the same as those shown.  I developed on top of the NetPeople natural-language communication platform by iNAGO inc., with whom I have a very close ongoing relationship with.

(2003) Zenrin Datacom, Satsuki navigator
Platform: Windows-based demo of a proposed car navigation system.
Description: This is a restaurant navigator demonstration for the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show.  Like ifbot above, I developed the communication system on top of iNAGO's NetPeople platform.

(2002) Banpresto, Gundam Pilot Academy
Platform: Arcade ride powered by Windows and DirectX
Description: Simulates the wearing and operation of a Gundam mobile suit.  I managed all aspects of audio, and developed the core audio system.  This included a 3d Studio Max plug-in with which the level designers can specify the real-time placement and movement of sounds (e.g. explosions, etc.) in the 3D scene.

(2001) Koei/iNiS, Gitaroo Man
Platform: Playstation 2
Description: A music game.  I was a partner at iNiS corp. at the time and partially involved in this game.  I did the user interface development.

(1998-2000) Vivarium, Seaman
Platform: Dreamcast
Description: This is the most famous and successful product I have worked on to date.  I was the development director and system designer on this project, as well as vice-president of Vivarium at the time.

(1996-1998) 9003inc, Pinna
Platform: Mac/Windows Hybrid
Description: A beautiful digital pet simulation of tropical birds.  Incorporates some AI learning.  I was the technical director on this project.  There aren't many sites or resources left on the web about this product.  The first two links are Amazon pages, the third is an auction site.

(1991-1996) 9003inc, AquaZone
Platform: Mac, Windows
Description: Where it all started for me.  This was an epoch-making title that inspired the digital pet boom in Japan.  The people who made Tamagotchi have acknowledged the influence of AquaZone. It sold very well, although not quite to the level of  Seaman.  I started as a C programmer in the core team right from its beginning.  My responsibilities increased as we continued to develop upgrade versions and add-ons over the next few years.  Eventually I became lead engineer at 9003 inc.  AquaZone changed hands a few times since then, and is now the property of Smith Micro Software in the U.S.

Interviews I've done.  There are also several interviews in the 1990s with Japanese print media, mainly game and lifestyle magazines.  I'm planning to to scan those and put them onto my website.  (In German, and they got my age wrong by 3 years at the time!)

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